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The remedy for a rude world starts with reminding people to say two simple words: “Thank You.” This small act can manifest big change. We‘ve all heard of a bucket list: to combat thanklessness we‘ve created the ThankList.


Site Introduction


To combat a rude world, we created ThankList: a simple and beautiful way to create and share thanks with the people who matter most. Through Facebook connect, a user is easily able to select up to four friends, each getting their own thank you message. From there, a user can upload a photo of themselves to be implemented in the final video. After those two steps, the ThankList video is complete; a 2 minute motion graphic video that seamlessly integrates your thank messages into an ever-evolving world of letters.

The WebGL driven experience creates a beautiful and serene environment populated by thousands of letters slowly drifting throughout you visit. Each floating letter represents a thank you message on the site, and can be viewed through multiple ‘explore’ views. Since it’s launch, the ThankList website (and accompanying documentary series) has already garnered praise from Fast Company, Adweek, Digiday, and Creativity.

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