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Famed Bioshock Developer, Irrational Games, had recently renamed themselves. In the spirit of the new name, they needed a new look spanning the whole brand. Part of that was redefining what a game developer’s website could be. Homepage

Working under the creative director as the sole art director, the logo work, and a large portion of the the collateral and web design came straight from me. The creative team also worked very closely with development to come up with unexpected and original ideas for the website. Multiple brainstorms, mindmaps, and late-night eureka moments led us to come up with things like community achievements, video Q&A podcasts, and hidden easter eggs in the site that are almost impossible to find. Irrational has had great reception by not only the games press (including IGN, Gamespot, Game Informer, and Kotaku) but even more importantly, by the gaming community.

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