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The Killing Jesus team was tasked with retelling one of the most recognized stories worldwide in a new and interesting way. The result was an in-depth look at the life and death of Jesus from 3 unique perspectives, each represented by a crown, in a hand illustrated and completely responsive design system.


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The experience was designed to allow users to easily switch between 3 perspectives that each told different pieces of the whole story. Each perspective was focused around a key player at the time, each represented by a crown: Jesus and his followers under the Crown of Thorns, The High Priests under the Headdress, and The Roman-appointed politicians under the Crown of Laurels. To tell the story in this system, we had an illustrator hand paint thousands of individual pieces which we then animated in an HTML5 environment that was fully responsive.

The result was a new vision of the story of Jesus that encompassed 3 perspectives, 8 chapters, 100 historical documents, 184 sound elements, 3,080 illustrated elements, 14,000 keyframes, and over 290,000 lines of code. Most impressive of all was the entire experience translated seamlessly from desktop to tablet to mobile. Since the launch of the experience, the Killing Jesus experience has garnered accolades from many media outlets, including mentions on AdWeek, Fast Company, and getting on to the Creativity Top 5.


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